The Den

at Fox Valley Golf Club


Restaurant Hours

Bar and Grill is open at 11:00 am with dinner service going 5:00 PM - 10:00 PM Tuesday - Sunday

Please call (716) 683-6161 X 417 to place your order

Taco Logs $12

Four taco logs served with sour cream and salsa

Mozzarella Sticks $10

Six Mozzarella sticks served with marinara sauce

Truffle Fries $10

Shoestring fries tossed in truffle oil and shaved parmesan cheese

Soup of the Day $6

Pizza Logs $12

Four pizza logs served with marinara sauce

Deep Fried Pickles $10

Taco in a Bag $7

Taco fixings in a Doritos bag

Sahlens Hot Dog $7

White Hot $7

Cheeseburger $7

Double Cheeseburger $10

Caesar $10

Romain lettuce covered in caesar dressing with croutons and topped with shaved parmesan

Berry Spinach  $11

Spinach, strawberries, blueberries, fried pecan goat cheese puck, raspberry vinaigrette

House $10

Romaine lettuce topped with tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and cheddar cheese

Chicken Salad $13

Chicken Salad with dried cranberries and almonds on a croissant

Tuna Wrap $12

Albacore Tuna with lettuce and tomato

Chicken Fingers and Fries

Three fingers $8

Five fingers $13

Bacon Ranch Chicken Quesadilla $12

Chicken or Beef Quesadilla $10

Chicken Caesar Wrap $12

Romaine lettuce, chicken with shaved parmesan with caesar dressing

Buffalo Chicken Wrap $15

Medium chicken fingers with lettuce, tomato, onion and bleu cheese dressing

Impossible Burger $12

Lettuce, tomato, onion

Italian Sausage $10

peppers and onions served with mac salad and fries

Cilantro Lime Rice Bowl

Cilantro lime rice with black beans, cucumber, corn and cheese

10 Chicken Wings $10

10 crispy chicken wings tossed in your choice of mild, medium, hot, bbq, sweet chili, or garlic parm sauce

Chicken Sandwich $12

Lettuce, tomato, onion, provolone cheese



Calamari Salad $20

Mixed greens, red onion, cucumber, & banana pepper tossed in sweet chili sauce

Antipasto Salad $18

Ham, pepperoni, pepperoncini’s, assorted marinated olives, provolone cheese drizzled w/ Italian dressing

Souvlaki Salad $15

Romaine lettuce, sauteed peppers & onions, topped w/ feta cheese, served w/ a warm pita and Greek dressing

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